Shariff S. Bayoumy – Managing Partner

Cell Biology – B.S. (U. Rochester); M.S. (Hunter CUNY)

Led Janssen Spring House gene-to-protein team in support of soluble and membrane proteins for SBDD, FBDD, HTS campaigns

Unique expertise in GPCR expression, stabilization, and purification

New technology scouting and implementation for protein expression, cell line development, and functional genomics

16 years in biotech and pharma; 13 peer reviewed papers

Lawrence C. Kuo – Managing Partner

Biophysics – Ph.D. (U. Chicago); Jane Coffin Childs Fellow (Harvard)

Associate Professor (Boston University)Pew Scholar (Pew Charitable Trust)

RCDA Fellow (NIH)

Head, Structural Biology (J&J PRD)

Head, Enzymology and Structural Biology (Merck Research Lab, PA)

Core member of project teams that brought Crixivan™ and Stocrin™ to market

23 years in pharma; co-inventor on 16 patents; 113 peer reviewed papers; editor of 3 books

Brett A. Tounge – Managing Partner

Physical Chemistry – Ph.D. (Yale); ACS Fellow (Brandeis/MIT jointly)

Extensive expertise in designing drug‑like small molecules from hit discovery through NME declaration

Established protein NMR platform and determined target solution structures

Expertise in early- and late-stage drug discovery including central nervous systems disorders, pain, metabolic diseases, oncology, infectious diseases, and inflammation

14 years in pharma; co-inventor on 12 patents; 31 peer reviewed papers; 2 book chapters

Robert Besthof, BA, MIM – Commercial and Business Development

5 Years banking and consulting

23 years pharmaceutical experience at Lilly, Wyeth, and Pfizer

10+ years Global Strategic Marketing and shaping emerging pipelines

Former Vice President Neuroscience & Pain at Pfizer

Master of International Management, Glendale, Arizona, USA
American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird)

Bachelor of Arts in Economics: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA