MEB-1170 is a clinical stage oral compound being developed to treat opioid use disorder


MEB-1170 is currently in Phase 1 Clinical Trials, it has successfully completed a Single Ascending Dose study in healthy human volunteers



Highlight of MEB-1170 Preclinical Data 


Demonstrated Target Engagement 

No Respiratory Depression

    • Oral with long half-life
    • As efficacious as morphine
    • Confirmed in 3 in vivo pain models (Formalin Induced Pain, Post Incisional Pain, Tail Flick)
    • Acute and chronic oral dosing
    • Normal pO2, pCO2, pH
    • Normal respiratory drive (Respiratory Rate, Minute Volume, Tidal Volume)

In other preclinical studies

    • Does not produce tolerance
    • Does not cause constipation
    • Does not cause sedation

MEB-1170 Shows no abuse potential in  preclinical models of abuse for CNS drugs


No Drug Seeking Behavior

No Self-Administration

Minimal Withdrawal

Drug Discrimination

MEB-1170 has the potential to prevent and to treat opioid misuse

Rats self-administering Oxycodone do not self-administer MEB-1170

Rats pre-treated with MEB-1170 do not self-administer Oxycodone