Treats pain without opioid adverse effects


Active in 3 Rodent Pain Models

No Respiratory Depression

Devoid of Issues Seen in Marketed Opioids:

  1. Does not produce tolerance to analgesia
  2. Does not cause constipation
  3. Does not cause sedation
  4. No toxicity seen in observational reads
    1. Oral with long half-life
    2. As efficacious as morphine
    3. Confirmed in 3 in vivo pain models
        • Formalin Induced Pain
        • Post Incisional Pain
        • Tail Flick
    1. Acute and chronic oral dosing
    2. Normal pO2, pCO2, pH
    3. Normal respiratory drive
        • Respiratory Rate
        • Minute Volume
        • Tidal Volume

1. Comprehensive data  package available

Shows no abuse potential in preclinical module


No Drug Seeking Behavior

No Self-Administration

Minimal Withdrawal

Drug Discrimination

Prevent and treat opioid abuse

MEB-1170 has the potential to prevent and to treat opioid abuse in patients undergoing pain therapy

Rats abusing Oxycodone do not abuse MEB-1170

Rats using MEB-1170 do not abuse Oxycodone

indication for meb-1170 (2)

MEB-1170 to treat opioid use disorder

1. Treatment of opioid abuse

2. Replacement of Schedule II opioids in pain management algorithm