Our Investigational New Drug, MEB-1170, was approved by the FDA on October 6th, 2022 to enter Phase 1 human clinical trials (see News tab).  MEB-1170 is an oral analgesic to replace Oxycodone.  It is designed and developed to treat pain without respiratorty depression which is the cause of death in overdoses.  MEB-1170 shows no abuse potential in pre-clinical studies. MEB-1170 holds the promise to solve the opioid crisis. See Article 1 below as well as our posters in the Publication tab.

We have also been conducting a hit-to-lead discovery program targeting Sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor (S1PR1) for the treatment of neuroinflammation and neuropathic pain. See Articles 2 and 3 below.

Other targets in consideration are GPCRs involved in neurodegenerative disorders, mood disorders, pain (non-opioid), cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, pruritus, and immuno-oncology. Considering greater than 30% of currently marketed drugs target GPCRs we believe there are great opportunities for Mebias Discovery to play a crucial role in the development of new drugs devoid of on target side effects.